Diesel, saves foster and finds a home

Diesel was in the shelter, having been found tied to a tree. His ears were bloody and scarred from fly bites, he was heartworm positive and very skinny. He did not know anything about living in a home or driving in a car! He sat in the front seat, turning the radio, wipers… everything, on and off!

He went through heartworm treatment and we thought he was pretty good, but took him through a reactive dog obedience class that we had five other dogs going to- he was AWFUL! Growled at the trainer, acted like a total idiot in class for the first three weeks, it was embarrassing! I worked very hard with him and after a few weeks more, we got a standing ovation in class, he had improved SO much!

Diesel earned himself a place in our family for sure by alerting me to an electrical fire as I was getting ready for work. He would not stop his barking at the lamp until I came to see what was happening. Diesel is my great buddy, he is hilarious, very handsome and my hero!

Lisa Williams, Founder of Moonracer

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