I believe that if we work hard enough as a community that we can stop the senseless killing of our shelter animals and find them good homes!

Moonracer No Kill Animal Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, care and rehabilitation of homeless pets in order to find them good and safe homes. We believe that all animals deserve love, dignity, proper care and a home. We believe that no animals should be killed because they are homeless and will provide comfortable and safe shelter and work for them until homes can be found. We believe that education and information is the way to promote kindness to all animals and will work with and help people concerning pet retention. We love all animals and do whatever is possible within our means to help them.

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Adopt a Pet
I went with HSUS after hurricane Katrina. No people ever came back for the dog I brought home from that disaster, my beloved grey-hound / shepherd mix, Barry.
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No-Kill Revolution
The senseless killing of animals has to stop. What we want: more adoptions, more buildings to house animals, better use of county funding to keep animals alive.
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Ways to HelpWe would like to develop a large network of foster 'parents' for cats and dogs. A foster network will allow us to take more pets from the county shelter...
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